Chống Thấm Không Lộ Thiên KCC


Chống Thấm Không Lộ Thiên KCC là loại sơn epxoy chống thấm gốc Polyurethane dùng để chống thấm cho các tầng hầm, phần mái bên trong nhà, tường trong nhà, sàn nhà vệ sinh…. (những khu vực không lộ thiên)

Mô tả sơn Chống Thấm Không Lộ Thiên KCC

Chống Thấm Không Lộ Thiên KCC

SPORTHANE NON-EXPOSURE WATERPROOFING COAT is a two component, polyurethane resin based waterproof coating with elongation to provide adaptability to crack of substrate.

Recommended use: As a waterproof coating for hidden area of roof and other parts of buildings.

Physical Properties

Finish and Color: Black

Other colors are available on request.

Specific gravity: Mixed : Approx. 1.47

Spreading rate (Theoretical): 4.85Kg/㎡ in 3m/m dry film thickness on a smooth surface

Flash point: 130 ℃(Closed cup).

Application details

Surface preparation: Do not apply coating unless concrete has cured at least 28 days at 20℃/68℉ and below 80% R.H or equivalent. Moisture content of the surface must be below 6%. The surface should be free of laitance.

This can be accomplished by finishing technique, abrasive blasting, grinding, etc

Preceding coat: SPORTHANE PRIMER or according to specification. SPORTHANE PRIMER + Scraping: SPORTHANE NONEXPOSURE WATERPROOFING COAT (0.5∼0.8mm)

Method of application: Rake, Roller, Spatula.

Mixing: PTA(Part A) : PTB(Part B) = 3 : 1 (by Weight). Mix separately, then combine together and mix thoroughly with high speed dissolver for 5 minutes prior to application.

Thinning: Do not dilute.

Application conditions: Do not apply when the temperature is less than 5℃/41℉, and relative humidity is above 80%. The surface temperatures must be at least 3℃(5℉) above dew point to prevent condensation.

Film thickness: Recommended per coat 2- 3m/m dry (Except for scraping)

Drying time

Thông số sơn chống Thấm Không Lộ Thiên KCC

  5℃/41 20℃/68 30℃/86
Set to touch 10h 5h 3h
Dry through 48h 24h 18h
Fully cured 10 days 5 days 3 days

Subsequent Coat: Protection mortar or according to specification.

Pot life

  5℃/41 20℃/68 30℃/86
Pot Life 50min 30min 20min


Min. 48h 24h 18h
Max. 92h 48h 36h

Storage and package

Shelf life: PTA : 12 months

PTB : 12 months

Storage: * Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

Packing Unit:  PTA(Part A) : PTB(Part B) = 24 Kg : 8 Kg

PTA(Part A) : PTB(Part B) = 15 Kg : 5 Kg


Note: If the surface is not tacky from rain and snow, SPORTHANE PRIMER should be applied prior to application.

In this time, spreading rate of SPORTHANE PRIMER is 0.1Kg/m² .

Bubbling may occur in case of applying this material in the high temperature (air : above 28℃/82℉, surface : above 40℃/104℉). Do not store at temperature above 30℃/86℉.

Use adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and prolonged breathing of solvent vapors.

In case of contact, wash with organic solvent and followed by soap and water cleaning.

Respiratory protection is recommended when applying this product in confined spaces or stagnant air.

Clean equipment with SPORTHANE THINNER immediately after use.

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